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    A great place to get started if you're new to web development. Designed to guide you through setting up your first Gatsby site.

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  "path": "/*",
  "*": "",
  "uri": "/",
  "location": {
    "pathname": "/",
    "search": "",
    "hash": ""
  "data": {
    "allMdx": {
      "edges": [
          "node": {
            "excerpt": "This is quite something Right right.",
            "slug": "blog/ikea-chair/",
            "frontmatter": {
              "title": "Ergonomic Bleckberget",
              "date": "2022-05-31T00:44:15.000Z"
          "node": {
            "excerpt": "This is quite nothing Beep bop.",
            "slug": "blog/other-post/",
            "frontmatter": {
              "title": "Something else",
              "date": "2022-05-15T00:44:15.000Z"
  "pageContext": {},
  "params": {}